Outlining our Project Goals

Current research Questions:

What are discourses and perceptions in Irish pros and folklore, specifically Yeats Poetry, about Woodlands in Ireland?

What are common native trees and shrubs in Ireland?

What is the historical trend of Forestry in Ireland?

How have the discourses and perceptions mentioned above influenced Irish forestry practices?


Narrative analysis, specifically of Yeats poetry

  • What does he have to say about trees?  How does it relate to the time and place and culture he lived in?  How do his perceptions relate to previous artists, and what influence did he leave on later Irish pros? How does this analyses relate to the quantitative data we’ve found?

GIS spatial data

  • where are woodlands?  How dense are they? What species are where?

Documentation of common native trees to Ireland

  • what trees and shrubs are in Ireland?  Where in Ireland? What is their cultural or ecological importance?

Irish forestry data, primarily from UNEP

  • we will look at data on topics such as forest area, primary forest extent and biomass

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