Goodbye Yeats

In the past week, my lab group has started wrapping up and refining our project.  We’ve been putting our methods and results into the designated project pages on my site, describing the broader context of our research, and reworking the framing and focus questions.  We also decided Yesterday to drop W.B. Yeats from our qualitative research.


Due to time constraints and the research we’ve already done, analyzing how Yeats relates to/has influenced modern Irish Forestry culture would have been a stretch.  It would have been more for fun then necessity, and ultimately we decided our project was stronger without Yeats than with him.  We already have solid qualitative research from the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) and on Heritage trees.  We have therefore refined our questions to encompass our new goal: to look at how heritage trees show the cultural aspects of Forestry in Ireland.


Going forward, before Monday, we are planning on finishing the DS project pages to the best of our ability (we are meeting on Sunday), so that we can focus on poster making on Monday.  We still need to finish writing up our results and methods, our interpretation and the broader context, but we have already discussed all of the above and well on our way to completing these tasks.

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  1. Jessica Kleiss says:

    Thanks for the update. Indeed, it’s hard to let go! I know how much you love Yeat’s work, and it was a nice idea to try to incorporate into this project. I commend your group for the ability to let go. I agree that the project feels much more coherent and powerful with a qualitative analysis that has a clear connection to heritage trees, that will provide a thread to tie together the Big Picture, focused research, and Broader Implications. It can always go into the “future work” section!


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