The End of Ireland


The poster presentation is about to take place, bringing an end to the ENVS final project.  My groups poster has been printed, Our bibliography has been created and annotated, each page on the DS site for our project has been updated, we changed the title of our project, and our projects record has been updated as well.


Getting the poster together was slightly a hassle.  I could not find a way to make the font on the images large enough without making the images so large there was no room for text.  Initially the poster printed so blurry that some of the writing could not be seen at all, no matter how close you were to the poster, and it had to be reprinted last minute.  I used a website I used last year called Canva, which worked out alright last time, but I was having trouble with it this time around.  I assumed that since I didn’t have Indesign or Photoshop it would be better than powerpoint or something similar, but I’ve decided I am never using Canva again.  The student who printed my poster told me many people use powerpoint and it works fine, and Canva was inconvenient to use.  I can’t remember how I managed to get the poster to print well in ENVS 160.  At least now I can say lesson learned.



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