Planning to engage

My engagement project group has gone through a little bit of a rough spot.  We decided very last minute that it was a good idea to do a “trial” or “pilot” workshop this Saturday to see how it goes and plan for errors.  If we only did the one on April 7th, than if all fails, we would be at a loss of what to do.  Jessica suggested this idea to us, referencing how Georgia discovered failure early enough on in the process to adjust her method/project.  Trying things early to plan for potential failure is a good idea for my group too, but it has lead to a little bit of disorganization this week.


Planning a workshop in a week isn’t easy, especially when your project is not even finalized yet (at least not on paper).  Definitely for future projects I will want to plan my timeline out sooner and pay attention to the details of the project earlier on.  As a result of not doing the best planning prior to workshop preparation, both our DS project page, and more importantly, our best idea project summary page has been left aside this week, incomplete.  After meeting on Saturday with my group to plan for the workshop, as well as finally finishing the surprisingly strenuous process of making, printing, and posting flyers,  I feel Feona, Sierra and I are more ready to balance all the different aspects of the project that are happening.


The pilot workshop on Saturday may be a disaster, and may be really fun, but either way, I feel more prepared for it now.  The flyers have been put up multiple places on campus. I’ve made announcements to my classes, urged friends to make art in case no one else does so we can still test our project and carry out the workshop, and the Plateau has sent out an email advertising the workshop (we finally have approval to host it there). If all else fails, we have at least two pieces of my art and one of my friends works of art to work off of.  It seems very likely we will have more than this, but if not, three pieces of art is better than nothing, especially for a pilot workshop.  And Sierra Feona and I have taken measures so that even if the workshop gets little turn out, at least a few people show up.


We still have quite a bit to do after this initial workshop.  We need to figure out what did and didn’t work to plan for the future project.  Did we engage in the way we wanted to with the people we wanted to?  Did we properly base the workshop in our scholarship?  Did this initial workshop meet our goals?  We also need to continue collecting and advertising for art for the next workshop and continue to prepare for the second one, on top of making our poster and preparing for the festival of scholars.  The approximate month we have right now partially seems very distant and partially feels very soon.

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