What happens next?


Spring break just ended and my group for my engagement project has our final workshop on Friday.  This is our last chance to engage before the festival of scholars on April 16th.  For this post, I believe it would be most useful to simply lay out what has been done and what needs to be done in preparation for our workshop, our poster and the festival of scholars.



We currently have a google slide for this which I have started working on.  Feona has a creative idea which we want to incorporate in which we make a rat king (a bunch of rats tied together by the tail) with different blurbs coming out from each rat like a speech bubble.  This I think would be a vary creative idea and would fit with our theme of using art to engage.  We still need to figure out if this is feasible and how to fit it into our poster.  We have a lot of imagery from the workshops we need to fit into our poster.  My group definitely needs to continue working extensively on our poster in the next week to send it into the printer on time.

This is our (very) rough draft on our poster so far


I feel relatively confident about preparation for the workshop because we’ve already done it once through.  Basically our goal is to have a more elaborate version of our last workshop from last time.  I am relieved that I have had people submit art to me or tell be about art this time that are not acquaintances.  It also seems from what I’ve heard from people that it won’t just be friends attending this time.  This feels very reassuring.  One thing we want to do for this workshop is bring refreshments which we need to figure out.  Overall I have high hopes for Friday.


Festival of Scholars:

Essentially my group needs to fine tune all the last details of our project to prepare for the festival of scholars.  This mainly means evaluating our final workshop, discussing how we will present out poster and most of all… making our poster.  Our poster is probably the most important thing we need to work on and complete in the next week or so.


Overall my group has a handful of tasks at hand but I’m feeling fairly confident.

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