Setting Goals for My Senior Capstone

This is rock balancing art by Pontus Jansson, an artist I’ve recently discovered. Found at

This semester is coming to a close in just a few weeks, and it’s time to start preparing for both of my thesis/capstone projects for next semester.  Given that I need to submit 3 project proposals for my ENVS capstone before the end of the year I have set the following 2 goals: 1) To collect research/scholarship I have found since I wrote my concentration into one folder and 2) To start formulating research questions.

These two goals seem to be the best way to get started preparing for my capstone.  Since I wrote my ENVS concentration sophomore year, I have found a number of new artists/works that would be interesting to look into further for my concentration.  However, I have not yet taken the time to consolidate them, and if I want to remember all the artists I’ve learned about and all the sources I’ve found, I will want them in one place.  I am planning on making a Zotero library or folder on my computer.  As for my second goal, this is a task I can finish in a week that will set a trajectory for my project proposals.  Formulating research questions will help me narrow down what direction I want to head and will act as the first step in writing my proposals.  My plan is to brainstorm a bunch of different questions freely, and then look them over and narrow them down.  Hopefully these to goals will help me stay organized and on the right path as I continue to prepare for next semester.

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  1. Marissa Weileder says:

    I think these two goals will be a great start for you! Now that I’ve taken an Art History class (as you know!), I definitely better understand the need to organize all of the different artists and art pieces you’ve learned about that interest you for your concentration. I, too, have decided to try to formulate some research questions for my own capstone. I think it’s a great way of getting a head start and setting oneself up for success, while also taking the pressure off of having to do it later on! I look forward to seeing how you weave together Art & Environmental Studies, as I know you’re double-majoring, and I’m sure it’ll be amazing!!


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