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Since I first wrote my concentration first semester of sophomore year, I have found a number of new resources and heard of various new artists.  I have discovered various links, some of which I found coincidentally surfing the internet, and some of which classmates showed me.  I’ve done research in other classes (such as in the art department) in which I’ve accumulated new resources, and I’ve heard a bunch of new names in the eco art field through classes, friends, the internet, etc.  I had not previously compiled any of these resources into one place where I could neatly find them.  I realized if I did not find a way to organize all the new knowledge and resources I’ve found, I could easily forget about some of it or not know where to look when I wanted to find it.  Therefore, I decided to organize in a google doc these resources for my first goal of preparing for my senior capstone.  I first list internet links to useful videos and websites, then artists, and then a bibliography of resources.  For artists I chose to just make a list of all the eco artists I could think of, including ones I started researching for my concentration, so that I had a list of names I could potentially use for my capstone when the time comes.  The bibliography primarilly comes from a research paper on eco art I have been working on in Junior Art Seminar.  Below is a copy of the page I made.



PNCA Art Ecology


Pontus Jannson


Wetlands Conservancy: Rock Paper Turtle art for Wetlands


Willapa Bay Artist Residency


Artists: This color means I know of work by artist that is located in or near aquatic body


Agnes Dene

Alan Sonfist

Amanda Schachtner and Alexander Levi (harvest dome)

Ana Mendieta

Andy Goldsworthy

Aviva Ramani

Jason Decaires Taylor

Jean and Claude Christo

Linda Weintraub

Maya Lin

Marina Debris

Nancy Holt

Nils Udo

Olafur Elliason

Patrick Dougherty

Pontus Jannson

Robert Smithson




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Williams, A., Holt, Nancy, Lee, Pamela M, Wallach Art Gallery, Badischer Kunstverein, & Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. (2011). Nancy Holt : Sightlines. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

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