A Hazardous Situation in Springfield

For this project I was addressing a truck carrying 34,000 pounds of black powder sliding off the highway ramp in an extremely dangerous accident in Springfield Virginia.  In this scenario, I am tasked with creating the proper deliverables (maps) to assist the key stakeholders in the situation, such as helicopter pilots, paramedics, and police officers.  I need to figure out who needs to be evacuated, how and to where.  This involves locating shelters, figuring out evacuation routes, locating the incident and major roads.

I started by creating a map of the major roads in the area and a map of a safe and close helicopter landing site.  After adding and exploring the data, I created a map of the roads in Fairfax county.  The geographic coordinate system used was UTM, NAD 1983, Zone 18N.  I changed the symbology of the school to be more distinctive and put in the coordinates -77.175842 and 38.789063 as coordinates of accident and created symbol on map.  I then created a buffer zone around the incident of .5 miles and 1 miles and created layers showing only schools within the 1 mile buffer zone and single family residencies within the .5 mile buffer zone.  This produced my first map (as seen in fig. 1), which I used to figured out who needed to be evacuated, and which school I could use for evacuation.  The Southwest and Southeast quadrants had the bulk of single family residencies.  I determined that Robert E Lee High School was best suited for the southeast evacuation and Lynbrook Elementary School was the best option for southwest evacuation.

Fig. 1: Deliverables 1 and 2 of Incident and Helicopter Landing


My next task was to designate the best helicopter landing site, as seen in Fig. 1 above.  I used the aerial raster data to view of the incident area.  I then selected the closest area to the incident that was large enough for a helicopter, clear of building and trees, and did not look sloped.  I chose the baseball field as these fields are created to be flat.

My next task was to create a detour routes around the closed roads and evacuation routes.  I did both tasks using the Network Analyst toolbar and window.  I created 3 detour roots blocking off the .5 mile buffer zone around the accident as seen in Fig. 2.

incident2I then created 2 routes to Robert E Lee High School for evacuation: one from 6015 Trailside Drive, Springfield, Va and the other from 6756 Bison St.  I created another evacuation route from 6780 Cabin John Rd to Lynbrook Elementary School.  This can also be seen in Fig. 2.  This concluded all of the deliverables for this project, and ideally these four maps could be used to help with evacuation and emergency response to the accident.


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