Managing All of the Stuff

A week from today the first graded draft of my thesis is due.  I have an appointment to go to the writing center to meet with the director on Monday.  I do not want to waste my time with him working on things I could have gotten to myself but had not yet, so for me, my first draft is basically due Monday.  After Monday I am planning on just spending my time making last minute edits John gave me.  I will have a busy weekend this means, but I do not have too much left to do fortunately.

I have been so focused on preparing for the first draft, that I almost forgot, things do not end there.  I will not have that much more time to finalize my written thesis and make my poster for Festival of Scholars.  On top of that, all of my work for the senior art exhibition is due the Monday after spring break and the opening is that Friday.  For festival of scholars I will be presenting for both art and my ENVS capstone, and right now the plan is also to present a poster for GEOL-340.  That means presenting three times in one day, and this day is not that far off.  I have presented at festival of scholars quite a bit by this point, but never this much in one day.

Me presenting my poster at festival of scholars last spring for ENVS 330

I have less then three weeks to finish my artwork, a week to finish the first draft of my thesis, and right now I need to prioritize my time wisely.  Right now I am asking myself if I am planning to spend all of my spring break working, or if I want to try to cram as much in as possible beforehand.  I still do not know what the better option is.  So far I have been managing to balance my two senior classes and all my projects, but now I need to be especially methodological in how I move forward.

The idea right now is to plan to finish all of my art before spring break even though I have my first draft of my thesis due.  This means I will have left to do over spring break even if I do not finish everything, while if I plan in advance to spend spring break working, I know I will end up having even more left to do than I had planned for.  And I have to keep in mind I will be working on a midterm, my thesis paper and poster and reading a book over spring break.  If I plan to work on my art too, I will end up spending my entire break doing school work.  Right now I am just brainstorming on how I will move forward because my priority is my draft, but the first thing to do after I hand in my draft will be to write out a plan for the rest of the semester until festival of scholars.  I am excited for the rest of the semester and seeing all of my work come into fruition, but I am also a little nervous and need to be extremely organized to manage everything.

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