In the ENVS program there are specific Core courses that are taken each year, that focus on different skills in approaching Environmental Studies.  Freshmen Year in ENVS 160 students focus on approaching different environmental topics and perspectives and themes.  It’s a time to understand the basics of what’s going on in the world and what the Environment means.  Sophomore year in ENVS 220 students learn various tools and methods to analyze environmental problems.  Junior year in ENVS 330 students focus on solutions and what can be done about various environmental problems.  And senior year students work on the Capstone Project in Senior Seminar.  Below you can find links to my work in the various ENVS courses.


ENVS-220: Environmental Methods

ENVS-295: Environmental Engagement

ENVS-330: Situating Environmental Problems and Solutions

GEOL-340: Spatial Problems in Earth Systems Science