ENVS 295 – Environmental Engagement

In this course, ENVS students primary question is quite simple: what is engagement?  What does it mean to engage?  Aside from asking such questions, students in this course also work together on ENVS projects, and create an individual engagement project for the semester.  See here for my posts for this class.

The first few weeks of class focused on reading and discussing scholarship on environmental engagement.  One week for instance, we focused on environmental communication, and another week we focused on the election.  Throughout the course we also worked on the ENVS symposium, defining engagement, asking ourselves how to do it, and working on our own engagement projects, either individually, or in a group.

A large part of this course was working on individual engagement projects.  My partners Sierra Nelson-Liner and Feona Rehfuss worked with me on a project where we used concept map workshops to engage with others about the perceptions we have of rats using student art. Here is a link to my posts for this project.  Here is a link to our landing page for this project.