GEOL-340: Spatial Problems in Earth Systems Science

This was the one elective class I opted to take in my four years at Lewis and Clark College, which I enrolled in my last semester of undergrad.  This class covers a range of spatial  and Earth system science topics, such as different types of maps, spatial thinking skills problems, and hurricane patterns, but is primarily a GIS course.  The class went through a number of labs using the Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS workbook by Esri press, such as emergency chemical spill response labs situated Springfield, VA and a Mecklenburg, North Carolina, a demographics lab focused on Chicago and the surrounding Cook County, and a project on Hurricane Katrina.  This course also included self directed work, such as a demographics lab on a topic and place of choosing, and a larger hurricane project.  Throughout the course students learn to be comfortable with different GIS skills such as joining data layers, using the different ArcGIS programs such as ArcScene and ArcCatalogue, and creating shapefiles.

Here is a link to my posts from the class.



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