Framing Question:

What relationship do cultural values have with ecological priorities and actions?

-Our framing question is derived from our desire to study Irish and Scottish literature. When we first joined together as a group, we had seemed to concede on an idea to look into Celtic culture and the Gaelic language. However, as we each shared our specific ideas, it molded itself into wanting to study Irish literature, culture and how that effects and influences forestry management. This would allow each of us to look at something that we wanted to–this being mapping with QGIS using metadata, using narrative and literary analysis, and creating graphs and tables using information gathered from Excel. Looking at culture is no easy task, and the broader implications of the culture are hard to grasp and understand, so it was important for us to look at just one aspect of Irish culture in order to make it easier on ourselves. That’s why we decided to look at heritage trees, which leads us into our focus question.

Focus Question:

How are modern Irish woodlands/forestry management and protection framed by cultural values (i.e. Heritage trees)?

-Our focus question is derived from our broader desire to look at some aspect of Irish culture. Heritage trees combined the perfection combination of qualitative and quantitative data, giving us plenty of information to look at. However, the information gathered from heritage trees in Ireland isn’t enough on it’s own; what can we do with it? So we decided to see how the heritage trees (the ways in which they are valued, their meaning, and how the people feel about them) influence and affect the choices of Irish Forestry Management. We can see how groups that advocate for heritage trees, and how the general population views them dictates what the Irish government does with their current and projected forest areas.