Situated Context


Ireland is a country which relatively lacks trees.  This makes it an interesting place to study forestry.  We were curious as to how cultures that live in an area with few trees would regard forestry.  Would they care less or more?  What values could trees hold in such a place?  As we conducted our research, we came to find heritage trees were of importance in Ireland, both from on the part of local citizens who live near heritage trees, and Government forestry programs. Heritage trees are innately cultural. Communities place value on trees based on certain aspects they admire or find important and label them to distinguish more important trees from ones they consider less important.  Because of this phenomenon, we decided heritage trees were a ideal way to look at the cultural aspects of forestry and tree conservation/preservation.  Heritage trees turned out to be a great lens to observe what cultural values drive practices in forestry management.

Project Concept Map: Why are Heritage Trees important?